January 11, 2012DUNE NIGHTCLUB



Dune is your spot for nautical-themed nightlife on the East End. Designed by Steve Lewis (Butter, Amalia) in the vast 6,000-square-foot space once occupied by Jet East, Dune exudes yacht club chic, ”yeah, we didn’t think it was possible either, with touches like antique fishing lures hung from the ceiling, glass-blown buoys behind the main bar, framed photographs of seafaring Thurston Howell-types and thick maritime rope throughout the club.

But the Captain-Stubing-meets-Ralph-Lauren vibe doesn’t end there. You’ll also find 19th-century nautical maps along the walls, bartenders in blue polos and khakis and cocktail waitresses in slinky navy dresses ask them to bring you The Anchor (vodka, lime, soda, cranberry splash) and settle in at one of 36 bi-level tables.

For Memorial Day Weekend there will be parties Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Night. Karma Magazine will be in attendance Friday night, and Maxim Magazine will be there Saturday night, while Sunday will mark the launch of Blackbook Summer Sessions.



Dune will be open Thursday through Sunday, 10PM – 4AM, from Memorial Day through Labor Day.